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GDPR Auditing and Thebes Group Announce Partnership

GDPR Auditing and Thebes Group, collectively ThebesGDPRAuditing cement their partnership by demonstrating their Cherwell GDPR product offering at the Cherwell EMEA Conference 2018 (Reading 17thand 18thApril).

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The collaboration started in 2017 and on the run up to the conference has created a GDPR Management toolkit, that will be available through the Cherwell MAPP Store and leverages the power of Cherwell to help you comply with the GDPR.

You can track and service all of the GDPR requests that come into your business, data subjects can keep their data up to date and accurate via the online portal or through processed email requests. The tool enables management of consents across your entire business.

DPO and C-Level compliance dashboards enable reporting on all activity relating to data subjects, including completion and acknowledgment of training. The DPO dashboard allows the tracking of incidents and a streamlined workflow for reporting data breaches.

The application provides an electronic, data retention schedule, data asset inventory and a fast method of creating privacy notices from data already entered. All activities are fully logged and tracked for accountability, time bound events with SLA’s are automatically tracked, for example one month for a subject request and 72 hours for data breach reporting direct to the ICO.

The application facilitates the easy creation and tracking of GDPR remediation tasks.

The application has been designed and developed by Thebes and GDPR Auditing, to provide a product that is fully aligned with the GDPR and helps you fulfil the responsibilities the GDPR imposes on your organisation.

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