GDPR Audit

GDPR Audit Service

With GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 now in full force, it is now more important than ever to make efforts to become compliant.

Why?  Because if you are not compliant now, you could be operating illegally.

The regulator (ICO in the UK) is expecting all companies to be making progress towards being compliant. We have a range of services to suit all orgnaisations and all budgets.

If you are thinking of starting with an audit (also sometimes called a gap Audit Cycleanalysis or assessment) then choosing a company who specialises in GDPR Audits makes sense.

Working with you, our experienced GDPR auditors will capture and document your compliance status.  Presented back to you as a detailed report, with findings, prioritised recommendations and comprehensive explanations covering any special considerations we find.

Understand your compliance gaps

Your compliance gaps will be clearly document and we will talk you through them so as to ensure you understand them.

We will provide you with a prioritised list of findings as well as a clear set of recommendations.

I found GDPR auditing to be very professional, timely in responding to queries throughout the process and excellent to work with. The audit itself was a smooth process and the style in which it was conducted helped us understand the legislation more as we progressed through the process. The final audit document was very well laid out and gave us all the information we needed in a clear and concise manner. Thank you for your help!

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The GDPR Audit will:

  • Cover all of the areas of GDPR and determine their applicability to your business.
  • Help your business navigate the GDPR  in order to answer the audit questions from an informed perspective.
  • Make every effort to elicit all the required information from the appropriate areas of your business.
  • Convey our findings at the end of audit presentation.
  • Explain the final report as well as show you how use it as part of your GDPR programme.
  • Outline what the next steps should be at the end of the audit period.

Audit Report

The audit report will be full and frank as well as providing you with a prioritised list of detailed recommendations.  It will  also show you where your business stands 
against the GDPR.

GDPR Audits tailored for your business

We tailor each GDPR audit though the audit initiation process to ensure the audit goes as smoothly as possible.  This also ensures we provide the best possible value to your business.

We will conduct a detailed discovery of your business and create a bespoke audit schedule before we visit you.

Additional Services

We also provide a number of complementary services including: Awareness training, DPIA, GDPR Review, Consultancy and Education as well as our DPO as a service.

Case Study

A case study of a recent audit GDPR Auditing completed for a high street retailer can be found here.

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