GDPR Quality Assurance (QA)

GDPR Quality Assurance

We provide a GDPR Quality Assurance service because every organisation will have a GDPR program which has not started, in progress or completed, and quite likely has elements of their GDPR compliance program in all three states.

This GDPR Quality Assurance service is specifically aimed at those organisations who have completed their GDPR program, or are part way through it and need independent review.

The GDPR Quality Assurance service combines an audit for those activities you haven’t started, a review and analysis of all ongoing initiatives or projects related to GDPR, and a verification service which tests the areas of GDPR you have completed.

GDPR is proportionately, a large investment for any organisation, is it worth the risk or investing all of that time and energy only to find out when it’s too late that you missed something or the program of work you have planned isn’t delivering a complete solution.


As per our audit service, but tailored to look at areas not yet started – shorter and with less coverage than our usual Audit it assumes you are working on some items and may have finished some.


We look at your projects, specifically the deliverables and report on whether your projects will provide the expected GDPR solutions you need. If the work in progress is related to documentation of policies, procedures and processes, we will examine what you have and provide commentary to ensure your finished articles are going to cover everything you need.


For any area where you have completed some GDPR requirement, we will verify that what you have implemented works in practice. For example, can your staff answer simple questions after then have been trained. How do you handle a Data Subject Access Request, review the Record of Processing, is you Data Asset Inventory and Data Retention Schedule complete? We verify everything works as expected.


The report you get for this service, is a blend of recommendations for the items we audited, observations and remedies for the items we check, and a pass or fail for all the items we verify (with some commentary and any recommendation for remediation).

GDPR Quality Assurance


GDPR Quality Assurance


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