UK/EU GDPR Audit, Gap Analysis, QA Audit

GDPR Auditing is one of the leading Data Protection Consultancies specialising in the EU and UK GDPR, DPA 2018 and other international compliance legislation.

We offer a very personal service, call us and speak directly to a consultant not a sales person, our consultants perform audits, DPO services, write policies and procedures and are IT security specialists.

Over 400 clients and 200 audits since we were established in 2017, customers in 4 continents and numerous countries including the US, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Out international expertise covers CCPA, PIPEDA, POPIA, amongst others.

If you would like a personal service talk to us.

Gap Analysis / Audit

UK or EU Representative

The UK has now left the EU, if you are a UK company processing EU data then you will need an EU Representative.

If you are a Non UK Business processing UK personal data then you will need a UK Representative.

GDPR Auditing and Partners can provide EU and separate UK Representative services contact us for more information.

GDPR Representative UK and EU

Our Services



If you currently process EU personal data, you will need to make some changes before the 1st January.

We assess your current position and recommend actions you need to take.

We can also help implement any changes required.


UK and EU Representation

Read our FAQ to find out if you need UK and EU Representation post Brexit.

GDPR Audit

Do you want to know where you stand with respect to GDPR and what you need to do to improve or even begin your route to compliance?

The Gap Analysis/audit is one answer.

With over 100 audits performed across every industry sector we can help.

Gap Analysis / Audit


If you have been working towards your GDPR compliance and need it professionally validated our QA Service, otherwise known as Audit Check and Verify (ACV) is what you need.

Our ACV audit is unique in the industry – and provides an in-depth review and report on what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.


On-Line Training

Are you looking for cost effective GDPR Awareness training that caters for all your employees regardless of level or job function?

Training delivered through an easy to use, easy to manage, training platform, with courses written by Data Protection professionals.

All courses are multi level, multi lingual and low cost.

Multi level, multi lingual, low cost.

eLearning by SECCOM

Other GDPR Services

Cost effective GDPR Staff Awareness training  (GDPR e-Learning)

We really don’t understand GDPR, is there a basic option we can buy? (GDPR Essentials)

Plain English Guidance and a suite of ready made templates (toolkit)

We realise we now need to assess our IT provision (IT Security Review)

Does your information technology need improving? (Training for IT Managers and Administrators)

Something Else

GDPR Auditing isn’t just about GDPR Auditing, because GDPR encompasses Data Protection, Information Technology, Security, Compliance, Website Compliance, Protection of Personal and other Confidential data….. so do we.

And whilst we don’t claim to be everything to everyone, we can cover the most important things a business needs. Our related services cover much more for example PCI DSS and ISO 27001, as well as secure and compliant IT Services and Web Development.

GDPR Auditing is part of the Seccom Group who provide a whole range of GDPR complementary services.

About GDPR Auditing

GDPR Auditing is a well-established, specialist Data Protection and IT Security consultancy. Our main focus is the GDPR, UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. We are one of the few consultancies who can cover International Data Protection regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Canadian PIPEDA and critically alternatives to the EU-US Privacy Shield which is no longer a usable framework..

Our consultants have over 50 years’ experience working across financial services, gaming, construction, payments, and retail. All of our consultants are specialists in Data Protection and IT (Cyber) Security.

GDPR Auditing has over 400 clients and has conducted hundreds of audits since the GDPR came into effect. GDPR Auditing is part of the Seccom Group, visit our parent company for services relating to PCI DSS, Program and Project Management, Systems Audits, and Web Design, training and Live Streaming.

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“We chose GDPR Auditing because they stood out as being specialists. It was important to us that the auditors could quickly understand our business and its use of personal data. The auditor made the sessions very easy and uncovered practices we didn’t know involved personal data. The IT and security sessions alone were worth the audit fee, and our IT team learned a lot. Sitting in on all the interviews was an education in all things GDPR. Highly recommended but don’t expect an easy ride. After we received the comprehensive report, we went straight out and bought the online training.”