GDPR Auditing

GDPR Auditing is a specialist Data Protection and IT Security consultancy, we are primarily focussed on the GDPR however we also help our clients comply with other regulations, such as PCI DSS, Privacy Shield, ISO 27001.

We brought our skills and experience from the other regulations and adapted them for GDPR, and with over 300 clients across our products and services we are confident we will be able to help you, whatever your GDPR or regulatory requirements are.

Of course, every organisation is different, we know that from experience. You might fit into one of the categories below, but if not don’t worry just ask us for some help and we can talk about what might work for you.

Talk to us

I'm just starting to look at GDPR but not sure what I need

Can I just talk to someone (contact us)?

Can you do GDPR for me (kickstart)?

Looking for something specific

I know about GDPR and I am looking for something specific

What do I deed to do to become ‘compliant’ (audit).

Fix the urgent requirements for me and let me do the others later (kickstart).

Something that will let me do GDPR on my own (toolkit).

Have we got GDPR right?

My organisation has 'completed GDPR' but we want to make sure we have got it right

Quality Assurance (ACV).


I am interested in your other services, PCI DSS, IT Security, ISO 27001

Something else

Something else

Help for DPO’s.

Data Protection Training (covering GDPR awareness).

IT Security Training

Speaking Engagements (contact us).


Contact us for more information. You will be under no obligation and if we can’t help or you don’t want us to, then you can walk away.

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