Remote GDPR Audit….Are you crazy, audit Now?

Find out why now might be exactly the right time to think about a Remote GDPR Audit

We can complete a Remote GDPR Audit for your business whilst your staff are working from home.

Yes, it may seem like a crazy notion, and yes, we also admit that many companies will have put GDPR right out of their minds in these challenging times. Hopefully, all well as Brexit and IR35.

Obviously, we wouldn’t advocate anyone prioritising a GDPR audit over keeping your business afloat or running any services required to help with this national and international emergency. However – our experience tells us that you will be finding out:

  • just how good your Information Technology provision is
  • if your disaster recovery and business continuity is up to scratch
  • whether your policies and procedures adequately cover how your business operates over the next few weeks and months

Can you guarantee the security of personal data in these challenging times?

I expect many of you will be considering how this pandemic has caught you off guard and are making lists of things you need to address when things get quieter. So, now might be just the right time to get a GDPR assessment…. Did you know that our audits cover, home and remote working in terms of technology, security, policies and procedures?

We can help you:

  • cover full business continuity and disaster recovery
  • assess and advise on how to work securely with O365, email, websites, social media, mobile and IP telephony
  • recommend required changes and can help you secure your homeworking provision, reducing the risks of accidental data loss

Other Reasons to have a GDPR Audit Now

As a result of home-working, people are going to have some slack time, and hopefully some quiet time. This is ideal for getting those tasks done you just can’t do in the office. Tasks like writing policies and procedures, and other documentation, getting all your contract and agreements ready for GDPR. Creating logs and record keeping for GDPR accountability. It you had a roadmap of what you need to do your and your employees could do that GDPR thing you have been putting off.

But wait we are in lockdown how can we be audited?

GDPR Auditing already provide and have performed many remote audits, we are totally conversant with audio and video conferencing whether it be 1-1, one to may or multi way conversations, also including document sharing and offline reviews. You might still think we are crazy but think about it, it could be just what you nee right now or in a week or so, and we are sure of one thing, a lot of what we go through in our audits is going to be the first thing on your mind when this is all over.

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