GDPR Staff Awareness Training

GDPR Staff Awareness Training

All staff should have some form of GDPR Awareness training, ideally when an employee is first hired and refreshed regularly thereafter.

How much does it cost per user?

GDPR Basic – £5 to £8 

GDPR intermediate – £9 to £12

The more users you have the cheaper it is per user.

Is it any good?

Our online training is written by one of our senior GDPR consultants, with 25 years in IT, 15 in IT Security and the last 3 years predominantly doing GDPR.

Our courses don’t have accreditations or certifications for GDPR, there are none. Trust our experience from over 100 GDPR Client Engagements.

How long does it take?

GDPR Basic around 20 minutes plus the assessment

GDPR Intermediate around 45 minutes plus the assessment

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GDPR Awareness Basic Course Information

GDPR Awareness Intermediate Course

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