UK GDPR Representative

UK GDPR Representative

The UK is leaving the EU on the 31st December 2020.

If you are processing personal data of UK citizens you will in most cases need to appoint a UK GDPR Representative.

The requirement mirrors Article 27 of the GDPR where a controller or processor not established in the union must appoint a representative ‘who is’ established in the union.

This requirement applies to any Non-UK organisation processing UK data, so if you had an EU GDPR representative you now need a UK GDPR representative.

UK GDPR Representative Service Features and benefits

Choose GDPR Auditing as your UK GDPR Representative

  • Demonstrate credibility with the UK Supervisory Authority and UK data subjects by using a long established and reputable data protection specialist
  • Gain confidence that your representative understands the EU GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018
  • GDPR Auditing are specialists in International Data Transfers servicing clients in Europe and Worldwide
  • Full range of GDPR services available at discounted prices for any clients we are representing

Service Features

  • Nominated UK GDPR Representative to include on your Website Privacy Policy and other relevant documents
  • Formal recognition of GDPR Auditing as your UK Representative to the UK Data Protection Authority (Information Commissioners Office)
  • First point of contact for all UK data protection enquiries
  • Keeping you up to date with UK Data Protection notification and providing professional analysis of the impact to your business
  • Assisting you with the management and response to all data subject enquiries and requests including a data subjects rights to information, access, rectification, restriction, portability and notification of processing of their data
  • Assisting you with the management, reporting and notification of personal data breaches
  • Full review and analysis of your Record of Processing Activities in English, we retain an English version for surrender to the ICO if required

Additional Services

We also offer additional related services at a discount.

  • Review all international data transfer agreements (SCC’s, BCR’s, derogations) to ensure they provide the appropriate legal transfer mechanisms
  • Recommendation and implementation of supplementary controls required to legalise international transfers
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments for processing UK personal data
  • Data cleansing for UK personal data – other data can be accommodated
  • Analysis and review of data retention periods specific to UK personal data

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